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SmartSheet10 Technology versus ICD-10 books

SmartSheet10 Technology versus ICD-10 books:

SmartSheet10 Technology includes the complete Volume 1 and Volume 3 of ICD-10. Users are able to browse the index and the table as they would in the books. SmartSheet10 provides significant advantages over books such as:

Search the index by typing few letters for the search word (no flipping of pages to get to the right page)
Hyperlinks the…

Benefits of SmartSheet10

Benefits of SmartSheet10 Technology: 

Convert your existing ICD-9 cheat sheets to ICD-10 SmartSheet in seconds
Utilize GEMs to create personalized crosswalks with just a few clicks
Dual coding
Review relevant notes and guidelines at time of selecting the code
Color coding to ensure selection of only valid codes

Key Features of SmartSheet10 Technology

Key Features of SmartSheet10 Technology:

Explore ICD-10 Chapters
Search ICD-9 GEM’s
One click access from GEMs to ICD-10 code details
Forward and backward GEMs with 2 clicks
Auto complete Index search
One click navigation from Index to Table
Search directly in ICD-10 Table
One click navigation to Exclude codes
Color coding based on CMS guidelines

What is SmartSheet10 Technology?

SmartSheet10 Technology is an ICD-10 toolkit that includes the following components:

Electronic Edition of ICD-10 (Volumes 1 and 3)
General Equivalence Mapping (GEMs) released by CMS

ICD-9 to ICD-10 GEMs
ICD-10 to ICD-9 GEMs

SmartSheet10 Workspace
SmartSheet10 Charting component
Automatic updates when available from CMS