Collaborative Practice Solutions Services: What We Do for You

Business services for your practicePodiatrists face unique challenges in modern medicine. Not only do you worry about treating your patients to the best of your abilities, you have to face rapid and increasingly complicated changes to medical regulations and reimbursement models. Podiatrists at every stage of their careers are aging rapidly as a result, weighed down by the pressures facing their field. Despite this and the many negative voices in the medical community declaring the end of private practices, you can face these challenges and succeed.

How Collaborative Practice Solutions Can Help Your Podiatry Practice

We know for a fact that it is possible to practice successfully with Value-Based-Medicine reimbursements, changes in billing, and every sort of “adjustment” that comes podiatrists’ way when there are new regulations. You simply need data to help you make the right decisions, and guidance and strategies to act on that data effectively. At Collaborative Practice Solutions, we offer a variety of services to help you get exactly what you need for your unique practice so you are equipped with the tools and the knowledge to act:

Medical Billing Compliance – This program helps you make sure you are complying with current billing regulations to reduce your risk for an audit, as well as coordinate any necessary corrections you might need to make. Specifically, this includes:

  • A compliance plan/manual
  • Baseline coding/documentation audit
  • Coordination and plan of corrective actions

HIPAA/HITECH Compliance – This program helps you navigate HIPAA compliance, your practice security, and Business Associate Agreements with vendors to help you avoid mistakes that could cost you thousands. This includes:

  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA) development and documents
  • Privacy/Security manual development
  • A security rules risk assessment
  • Coordination and plan for corrective action

OSHA Workplace Safety Compliance – Occupational Safety and Health Administration laws are crucial and violating them is expensive. This program helps you understand your responsibilities, train for them, and provide proof of compliance. This service includes:

  • OSHA manual
  • OSHA training videos and training log
  • Coordination and plan for correcting problems

Human Resources Development – Like it or not, your practice is a business that needs effective HR. This program helps you develop your human resource management to protect you from labor lawsuits, including laying out your policies and procedures and maintaining employee forms. Specifically this service includes:

  • Employee handbook development
  • Employee forms for HR
  • HR training videos

Business Valuations, Mergers, and Associates – If you’re looking to sell your practice, acquire a practice, or merge practices together, there are a lot of hoops to jump through. Our experts in these areas can help you get accurate valuations and proceed carefully and confidently with your business. This program includes:

  • Practice valuations
  • Merger and acquisition development
  • Associate contracts

Super Group/ACO Administration – Developing or joining a Super Group comes with unique challenges and decisions to be able to work as an integrated group. This program can help you with platforms to integrate your technology, practice management, and billing. Our experts can also help you handle credentialing, insurance negotiations, and protocol development. The service can include:

  • An integrated technology platform
  • An integrated practice management platform
  • An integrated billing platform
  • Offloading your credentialing process
  • Insurance negotiations on your behalf
  • Protocol development, measurement, and reporting


Scribe University – This unique program helps podiatrists develop staff who can act as electronic medical record “scribes” in and out of the exam room, so a doctor has more time to focus on the patients instead of the (necessary) minutiae of records. This course teaches staff members to record everything a podiatrist needs to provide great patient care. The course includes:

  • Webinars on medical terminology, charting protocols and platform overviews, templates, and template creation
  • On-site curriculum to go in-depth into podiatry encounters, charting, and scribe work
  • Hands-on labs to put the training into practice

Virtual Practice Management Institute – This program is designed to help you prepare for and comply with Value-Based Medicine reimbursements. With our unique Virtual Practice Optimization (VPO) analysis, we help you determine exactly how you measure up against your peers and where strengths, weaknesses, and missed opportunities are for your practice. The program can include:

  • A unique VPO analysis
  • VPMI Silver package
  • VPMI Gold Package

MACRA Compliance – The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) presents practices with important business decisions that can impact your reimbursements. You don’t have to panic about it, but you do need to be prepared. We can help you stay on track with the multiple components of MACRA (including Meaningful Use and PQRS) as well as discover your own “cost/compliance balance” to improve your composite score without going broke.

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Smiling Doctor Arms CrossedYou aren’t alone in facing the challenges of practicing medicine in the modern world. Podiatrists all over the country are facing the same challenges—and our team of experts are in the trenches with you. We know first-hand what these changes mean for a practicing podiatrist, and what you need to enhance your own business. Don’t buy into the negative hype about practicing medicine in the modern world. You can succeed—and even thrive!

Whether you’re not convinced you need to make changes, you’re worried about the future, or you already know you want to do what it takes to face your challenges, let Collaborative Practice Solutions help. We can answer all your questions so you make the best possible decisions for your business, as well as learn how to implement any changes correctly. Check out more information through our website, or ask us a question directly online. You can also call (844) 430-6675 to get started on enhancing your practice today.