Training Effective Podiatry Scribes

TRAKnet Scribe UniversityThe introduction of electronic medical records added a layer of complication and responsibility to every encounter a physician has with a patient. Instead of rapidly jotted notes, doctors now have to make sure all relevant fields have been accurately filled out and all notes have been properly managed. One way podiatrists are dealing with this added demand on their time is to employ special “scribes” to take notes for them—but good scribes are hard to find. Our Scribe University is an opportunity for employees to master the skills they need to provide real help to a podiatrist treating patients in the exam room.

Why a Medical Scribe?

Electronic health records (EHR) have their conveniences and benefits, but there’s no denying using them is time-consuming. More and more both podiatrists and their patients feel their face-to-face time is being cut short, because physicians have to spend so much more time capturing data in EHR. This is detrimental for relationships and trust between you and your patients, and thus medical care overall.

This is where a scribe becomes a valuable position in a podiatry practice. A scribe follows a physician into the exam room to work directly with the EHR so you don’t have to. Instead, you spend your encounter time conversing directly with your patient, while dictating your notes to the scribe. The scribe then deals with the ins and outs of your EHR program, making sure all the fields are appropriately filled out and all the information you, the doctor, need will be accounted for in the charts.

Learning the Ins and Outs of Medical Scribe Work

A scribe’s job is deceptively simple: they must capture all the details and documentation of the encounter in an accurate and timely manner. However, this means being familiar not only with your EHR program, but also medical terminology specific to podiatry, tests and test results you may need, and how to assist a podiatrist with all this information in the exam room. Learning how to do this on the job can be challenging.

That’s where Scribe University from Collaborative Practice Solutions can help. Scribe University is an in-depth program, both with online and in-person training courses, that teach scribes exactly what they need to know to truly benefit podiatrists. The program seeks to fill the knowledge and training gaps for scribes so they can enable podiatrists to spend more quality time with patients. Ultimately, the course teaches prospective scribes to understand crucial skills and concepts like:

  • Their roles and expected etiquette
  • HIPAA and medico-legal requirements
  • Relevant medical systems and important terminology
  • Documentation and analysis for common and important podiatric tests and procedures
  • Common diagnoses and related pharmacology
  • Crucial MACRA data capture to help prevent expensive penalties
  • How to navigate and use EHR programs like TRAKnet


What to Expect with Scribe University

This program is the most extensive and practical course for learning how to be an effective scribe for a podiatric practice. Scribe University employs both online and on-site elements to train medical scribes. Through multiple required live webinars, attendees learn crucial information like medical terminology and basic charting protocols. They’re also familiarized with charting platforms like TRAKnet and learn how to create important templates for charting purposes.

Once attendees have this basic knowledge base, they are brought to an on-site training ground for three days of intensive, practical training. This includes going over everything they were introduced to for charting through the webinars in a more in-depth way, to further build up those skills. The training isn’t just informational seminars; it includes hands-on labs to ensure prospective scribes are able to practically employ their skills in an exam room.

Serve Patients Better with a Fully-Trained Medical Scribe

Podiatrists already have many demands on their increasingly limited time and attention. You shouldn’t have to take time away from your patients to deal with your EHR program. Scribe University ensures your scribe knows exactly what you need to effectively help you in the exam room. If you’re looking for ways to give more attention and better care to your patients, step away from your EHR and let Scribe University train your employees to navigate it for you. To learn more about this program, simply contact Collaborative Practice Solutions through our website or by calling (844) 430-6675.