Virtual Practice Management Institute

Sometimes, in medicine, it can feel like the only constant is change. Regulations, technology requirements, and reimbursement methods are all changing, and it’s almost all a physician can do to keep up—especially when it comes to MACRA and Value-Based Medicine. The good news is that data and knowledge can help you thrive, even as your Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements change. The Virtual Practice Management Institute (VPMI) partnership between Collaborative Practice Solutions and Top Practices is designed to provide podiatrists with exactly the data and the knowledge needed to truly succeed.

A Brief Value-Based Medicine Recap

Value-based medicine is a method of reimbursing doctors based on quantifying patient outcomes as well as the cost of treating them. The idea is that by focusing on patient care and cost containment, the quality of care will increase while the costs overall will decrease. This is a change from the basic fee-for-service model, in which doctors are paid directly for the services they provide.

Instead, a program called MACRA will use four criteria to evaluate doctors: Quality (PQRS measures), Advancing Care Initiative (meaningful use), Clinical Quality Improvements (field-specific data measurements), and Cost (specifically to Medicare and Medicaid). A doctor’s compliance in each of these four fields will be tallied and given a score. The composite score is compared to your peers, then used to determine your unique reimbursement pay scale. If you score higher than your peers, you’ll receive a bonus; if you score lower than average, your pay will be “adjusted” so you receive up to 9% less.

What You Need to Thrive

This is a huge adjustment for doctors in all fields. Many physicians are wondering how they can possibly comply and avoid expensive penalties or audits each year. The good news is that you can thrive. Using data and good practice management, you can figure out exactly what you need to do to get the most out of your potential reimbursements.

Data from your EHR programs can help you discover where you’re doing well with compliance, where you need some work, where you’re missing opportunities, and your own unique cost/compliance ratio. You can then use that knowledge, as well as practice management techniques and strategies, to make the most of your reimbursements.

How the Virtual Practice Management Institute Can Help

This is where Collaborative Practice Solution’s unique services can help you make a big difference for your practice. We have partnered with Top Practices to provide podiatrists with the Virtual Practice Management Institute (VPMI). This incredible program enables podiatrists to measure and monitor the important data they need, then learn how to use it to make the most of their reimbursements and practice management.

The program combines our own powerful Virtual Practice Optimization (VPO) analysis, our coaching and mentoring, and special courses with the Top Practices practice management program.

Our VPO analysis uses your own EHR data to lay out a clear picture of your practice: your strengths, your weaknesses, and your missed opportunities relative to 2,000 of your podiatry peers. Proper interpretation of this data shows you where you’re doing well and what things will need to change. Along with our unique coaching and mentoring program, this enables you to expand on what you do well and make adjustments to your practice management where it’s needed.

The Top Practices practice management program is an incredible educational tool to help you improve your practice’s organization and efficiency through proper management. The program includes a massive online library of resources, weekly coaching and mentoring opportunities with management expert Tina Del Buono, and monthly leadership learning opportunities for doctors with experienced podiatrist Dr. Peter Wishnie.

Take the Opportunities YOU Need Most and Thrive

The VPMI program is designed with two basic program tiers so you get exactly what your practice really needs:

·       Silver package  – This involves a monthly VPO analysis and coaching opportunities with Dr. John Guiliana and Dr. Alan Bass through Collaborative Practice Solutions. Our team will not only monitor and measure your data, but we’ll also interpret it for you and help you with next steps so you can make the most of your knowledge.

·       Gold package – Not only do you receive all the VPO benefits and coaching through Collaborative Practice Solutions, but you and your staff will also be entered into the Top Practices practice management program, giving you access to their library of resources and expert coaches. This helps you go beyond using your data to learning strategies and techniques to improve your practice management as a whole.

Ultimately, data, knowledge, and coaching are your most powerful tools for thriving under Value-Based Medicine. This is your opportunity to make the most of your reimbursements and avoid the stress so you can continue what you do best: treating patients. No matter what you chose to do, you can’t afford to put your head in the sand and ignore MACRA and other coming changes. Set your practice up for success through the VPMI program instead. If you’d like to learn more, contact us for information—or even to get started today. You can use our online forms or call (844) 430-6675 to reach us.